Exploit Exercises - Protostar

Protostar is one of the challenges on the site Exploit Exercises found here.

"Protostar introduces the following in a friendly way:

  • Network programming
  • Byte order
  • Handling sockets
  • Stack overflows
  • Format strings
  • Heap overflows
The above is introduced in a simple way, starting with simple memory corruption and modification, function redirection, and finally executing custom shellcode.
In order to make this as easy as possible to introduce Address Space Layout Randomisation and Non-Executable memory has been disabled. If you are interested in covering ASLR and NX memory, please see the Fusion page.

I'm uploading the proofs and answers of each level as I progress. Please note that these are my own methods of finding and that others may have better ways to accomplish the task.

  • Protostar stack0 - here
  • Protostar stack1 - here
  • Protostar stack2 - here
  • Protostar stack3 - here
  • Protostar stack4 - here
  • Protostar stack5 - here
  • Protostar stack6 - here