Exploit Exercises - Nebula

Nebula is one of the challenges on the site Exploit Exercises found here.

"Nebula takes the participant through a variety of common (and less than common) weaknesses and vulnerabilities in Linux. Such as:

  • SUID files
  • Permissions
  • Race conditions
  • Shell meta-variables
  • $PATH weaknesses
  • Scripting language weaknesses
  • Binary compilation failures
At the end of Nebula, the user will have a reasonably thorough understanding of local attacks against Linux systems, and a cursory look at some of the remote attacks that are possible."

I'm uploading the proofs and answers of each level as I progress. Please note that these are my own methods of finding and that others may have better ways to accomplish the task.

  • Nebula level00 - here
  • Nebula level01 - here
  • Nebula level02 - here
  • Nebula level03 - here
  • Nebula level04 - here
  • Nebula level05 - here
  • Nebula level06 - here
  • Nebula level07 - here
  • Nebula level08 - here
  • Nebula level09 - TBA
  • Nebula level10 - TBA
  • Nebula level11 - TBA