Reverse Shell in memory utilizing Powershell

These are just my notes on a simple reverse shell utilizing PowerShell. It will also be ran in memory so it won't ever touch disk. Additionally, using metasploit multi/handler for shell management.

DIY - Networking a house with Cat5e

One thing I've always wanted to do was run network cable in my home. When my wife and I finally bought our first house, I was finally given the opportunity! My vision is to run network cable throughout the entire house including the home office and bedrooms. In it's current state, I only have runs going into the home office, but when the need for physical connections is required, I will start pulling more runs through. Here's some of pictures of my project.


In order to perform this project, I needed some equipment. Below is a list of items that I used in order to accomplish my task:
  • Network Cable (Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6, whatever you prefer)
  • Crimper
  • Push/Pull rods
  • RJ-45 and Keystone Jack
  • Cat5e wall plate
  • Patch Panel
  • Network Switch
  • Network Cable Tester

A few parts needed when networking a home